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We recently got an email via Artists UK Dotnet from a French lady complaining about Château des Réaux (see other plentiful previous posts and comments on Château des Réaux !).  It runs as follows:-

Désolée de répondre en français! Je suis également une “victime” de Château des Réaux. Je ne conteste pas le prix bas qui a été proposé, puisque je l’ai accepté. Cependant il était prévu une exposition au château des Réaux et dans d’autres lieux similaires en échange de l’abandon des droits annexes. Puisque l’exposition n’a pas eu lieu, ne peut-on contester les droits annexes ?

This translates into English for our non-French speakers as follows –

Sorry to reply in French! I am also a “victim” of Chateau des Reaux. I do not deny the low price that has been proposed, since I have accepted it. However, it was anticipated that there would be exposure at the Chateau des Reaux and other similar places in exchange for the abandonment of the ancillary rights. Since this exposure has not occurred, can we challenge the ancillary rights?

Hmmm, I think the answer is probably not.  The whole point of the controversy over this “offer” was that the artist signs away any right to be associated with their original artwork for what, to most artists, is considered a pitance.  Since, by the terms of their contract, Château des Réaux do not seem obliged to credit the artist at all, I’m not quite sure what kind of exposure at Château des Réaux or elsewhere would be of benefit to the artist anyway.  Wasn’t the final verdict on Château des Réaux something along the lines of “avoid Château des Réaux unless you are totally desperate to sell a painting” or were we misreading the range of comments we received?

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    We have received an email from another artist, this time from Argentina, who has been involved with Chateau des Reaux but it was in Spanish and the Google translator hasn’t really given us a clear idea of what it says. However, here is the Spanish original and the Google translator version in English. We can do French and German at Artists UK but no-one here speaks Spanish unfortunately. Anyway here is the original text:

    Lamento no poder escribir en ingles, pero quiero aportarte los siguientes datos:
    _Envie dos obras al concurso y dentro de los 15 dìa enviaron el dinero por deposito en cuenta bancaria conforme legislacion de mi pais (Argentina).
    Hacia octubre del año pasado me remitieron los contratos firmados por el dueño del castillo para que yo los firmara en original y los reenviara, lo que asì hice.
    A principio de este año via mail (firma Daria) me confirmaron que en breve me enviarian el catálogo de la muestra que estaba próxima a inaugurar.
    Soy artista plástica residente en Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    Gabi Farnell

    and here is the Google translation, such as it is –

    Sorry I can not write English, but I aportarte the following information:
    _Envie Two films to the competition and within the 15 day to send money for deposit in bank account under legislation of my country (Argentina).
    By October last year I sent the contracts signed by the owner of the castle for me to sign an original and forward, which did well.
    Earlier this year via mail (signature Daria) I confirmed that I would send a brief catalog of the show that was about to inaugurate.
    I am a resident artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    Gabi Farnell

    Hopefully someone somewhere can make more sense of that than we can although on the face of it he would sound happier with the deal than the French artist was (and practically everyone else so far).

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