Book of Taliesyn by John Vernon Lord

Back in the 1960s and 1970s it was a jungle out there for artists. There was very little to protect an artist from devious businesspeople, untrustworthy agents or sheer incompetence and I have heard many, many tales from artists of original art going missing, reported destroyed only to surface later etc. Back then a publisher or record company had little or no legal obligation to return an artist’s original artwork (that even then legally belonged to the artist). Sadly, this meant that artists who had often not been paid a lot to paint or draw the artwork in the first place did not get the chance to use it for anything else or even get some income from selling the original.

Artist John Vernon Lord’s fabulous artwork that adorned Deep Purple’s legendary ‘The Book of Taliesyn’ is just such a case. The art for this album cover was produced way back in 1967 for the 1968 release of  Deep Purple’s ‘The Book of Taliesyn’ and then the original artwork promptly disappeared and the artist has never seen it since. A lot of people, including the artist, would love to see it again and in all likeliehood it is out there somewhere. If you have seen it or heard about it being on show somewhere or in a particular collection somewhere in the world then please let us know. It is quite likely that there would be a significant reward for it being returned to its rightful owner, the artist, John Vernon Lord.  To contact us about this artwork click on the contact button in the header to go to our main website,

Original painting REVOLUTION NOW by Dan Woods

The painting REVOLUTION NOW (of which this is a very poor reproduction) was painted by Dan Woods for the 1989 album of the same title by Captain Sensible (of The Damned fame). Both the album and the artwork were critically acclaimed. The album contained some classic material by Captain sensible including the prophetic ‘Toys Take Over’ and many other excellent songs woven together with snippets of radio and TV as well as local Brighton characters.

When the artist tried to get the artwork back from the record company he was told it “had got lost somewhere”. In those days it was still fairly common for artists to send original work in to publishers and record companies. Although many artists were getting round to using transparencies this was a time-consuming and expensive processing involving professional photographers and correct lighting to get a good quality transparency. Even then some publishers would refuse to work from the transparency for one reason or another. Nowadays most artists have digital .tiff files produced of their work, either by a professional photographer or by using their own digital camera and computer equipment.

Although it cannot be proved, it is almost certainly the case that the artwork slipped out of the back door and ended up with some fan of Captin Sensible and / or The Damned who may not even know that the painting was not legitimately acquired. This painting, if it still exists, is the rightful property of the family of the artist Dan Woods and Artists UK will pay a reward of up to £500 for information leading directly to the restoring of this artwork, in good condition, to its rightful owner. If you have seen it anywhere or know of its present whereabouts then please contact us.

To contact us about this artwork click on the contact button in the header to go to our main website,